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   The Harp Channel

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  • YouTube - Bílý kruh
  • Instagram - Bílý kruh
Jana Boušková, a prominent artist herself, has created her new platform THE HARP CHANNEL, (Youtube, Facebook and Instagram) where she invites famous musicians to the LIVE INTERVIEWS which are broadcasted and saved at YouTube and Facebook The Harp Channel profiles.
During the first pandemic time April 27 - May 15, 2020 Jana Boušková has created the 1st Worldwide Online Harp Congress which is also available to watch at the three social medias mentioned above. 
At The Harp Channel you find all the important and interesting information from the harp world which Jana Boušková finds for you and shares. The idea of this platform is to bring the Harp more in knowledge.
Jana Boušková is the harp ambassador and her goal is to get the harp into the position of one of the most important solo instrument, as the harp deserves to be perceived
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