Jana Boušková  |

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Ever since winning the gold medal at the USA international harp contest, Jana has been thrilling audiences with her superb artistry and amazing musicality. Her performances are always exciting and her sparkling personality infuses each solo with fascinating insights and exciting virtuosity. She is unique and my hope is that audiences throughout the world will have the opportunity to experience her great artistry.

Prof. Susann McDonald | Distinguished Professor of Music Indiana University, Emeritus Artistic Director The World Harp Congress

Jana Boušková's technical ability is outstanding and her musicianship is excellent. It was a real pleasure to have Ms. Boušková as a soloist and I wholeheartedly would recommend her to other orchestras as soloist.

Pinchas Steinberg | Chief Conductor Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra


Jana Bouskova is a brilliant harpist. Her playing has always fascinated me. She is probably the most impressive virtuoso I have ever heard. Her dexterity is phenomenal. As a colleague, one just has to bow down to it. Jana doesn’t use any security nets, goes for risks and likes to always be on the edge. The mixture of her great will power and her Kamikaze streak confers to her performances a tension and a rare intensity.

Marie-Pierre Langlamet | solo harpist of Berliner Philharmoniker

Jana Boušková’s ability to make musical structures clear, read behind the notes and deliver the meaning of each composition she plays, is fantastic. Unique are her sensitivity and her specially recognizable sound that she gets out of her instrument. Besides that Jana is a wonderful and warm human being and her openness makes it easy for her to connect with the audience right away.

Christian Arming | Music Director, Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liege